About Us

The Waverley Music Eisteddfod was established in 1979 by Councillor Howard Friee and his piano teacher wife, Frances.


Howard Friee served the City of Waverley dutifully as Councillor for a total of nine years from 1971 to 1980. During that time, Howard had a vision to give the city a premier music eisteddfod on par with those of the cities of Dandenong, Footscray, Mordialloc, Manningham, Hawthorn and Ringwood.  As a music teacher herself, Frances knew that a local eisteddfod would help young musicians to develop their potential. Howard and Frances worked tirelessly for an entire year, seeking sponsors and volunteers, and organising piano, strings and wind competitions.


The first Waverley Music Eisteddfod started in a very small way, but gradually expanded with new sections such as school choirs, vocal solos and instrumental competitions. The Waverley Music Eisteddfod grew to become  a successful, prestigious and vibrant part of Melbourne's cultural calendar. 

We were saddened to hear of the passing of our founding member, long time President and our Patron, Mrs Frances Friee on 6th of May, 2019. Her dedication to music was an inspiration to all.


We have continued Howard and Frances Friee's vision to this day to offer one of the last remaining eisteddfods in Melbourne. To acknowledge the historical ties with our local Council and the continued support of the City of Monash, we changed our name to the Monash Youth Music Festival during our 40th anniversary year.  


We honour the name of our founders, Cr Howard Friee and Mrs Frances Friee, by continuing the following awards:


  • The Howard Friee Award for Piano Solo (18 Years and Under)

  • The Howard Friee Memorial Trophy for Choral Excellence

  • The Frances Friee Piano Scholarship (12 to 14 years, one piece from the Baroque or Classical periods)


We will also offer a revamped offer of opportunities for our young musicians to perform  in front of highly accomplished, experienced and encouraging Adjudicators in our new Music Festival.


Our Festival Patrons


Keith and Karolee Jones, long-time committee members, have been honoured as patrons of the Monash Youth Music Festival. Karolee served as Piano Registrar for many and Keith served as President, Eisteddfod Supervisor and volunteer for the Waverley Music Eisteddfod for many years. 


Will you join us?


The Monash Youth Music Festival is run by the Waverley Music Eisteddfod Inc Committee, a committee of dedicated volunteers.


Do something for your community - why not join our Committee? It's fun and very rewarding. No experience is necessary at all, just a willingness to help.


Go on - contact us today to see how you can help!



Thank you to our generous sponsors

City of Monash

City of Monash is a major supporter and sponsor of the Monash Youth Music Festival

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