Official Accompanists 2021

Official Accompanist for Mini Recitals


Ms Melanie Lee

M: 0412 664 044


Official Accompanist for  Wind

Ms Anne Lewitzka

P: 9808 2173, M: 0455 848 209


Official Accompanist for Strings 

Ms Anne Lewitzka

P: 9808 2173, M: 0455 848 209


Official Accompanist for Vocal


Ms Linda O’Brien

P: 9380 8800

M: 0409 130 789


The Monash Youth Music Festival offers you a free professional Accompanist for your discipline. This  service is included in your entry fee.

You can, however, use your own accompanist if you prefer.



Reheasals are NOT included in your entry fee.  While rehearsals with the Official Accompanist are not compulsory, they are essential for all senior sections and desirable for all others. Even a single rehearsal is highly beneficial to sort out phrasing, tempo and other details, and gives your performance greater musicality. Please contact the Official Accompanist for your Discipline privately to ask about their rates and to arrange a rehearsal time no later than 2 weeks before the Festival.


If you are unable to arrange a rehearsal time, please send a copy of the  accompaniment music to the Accompanist no later than 2 weeks  before the Festival so that the Accompanist has time to prepare.


On your Performance Day

Please bring copies of your music on your performance day:

  • one for the Adjudicator with bars clearly numbered at the beginning of each system

  • one for the Accompanist (even if you have already sent a copy) , and

  • one for you (unless you are playing from memory)

What do we mean by "accompaniment sheet music"?


This is the sheet music the piano accompanist needs to read in order to accompany you.  The accompaniment sheet music is usually a separate supplement that comes with a soloist's music book.


Your music teacher may have a copy of the accompaniment sheet music specially for the music you are learning, so talk to your music teacher if you can't find it or are not sure.


You can recognise the accompaniment sheet music by the fact that there are (usually) three lines of music, one for the soloist, and two for the pianist (often) with a treble clef and a bass clef. 


Please note that the Committee does not 

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