Solo Entrant Checklist

  • Complete and check your music title and composer in STARDOM. You can change your choice up to a week before the performance day so the 

  • If you need our Accompanist, make sure you have checked the Accompanist box.

  • Contact the Accompanist for your Discipline as soon as possible. Read what you need to do on the Accompanists page.

  • If you haven't received your Notice of Appearance by 4 weeks before the Festival, please contact us.

  • If you are new to eisteddfods, you are encouraged to read our handy tips, including what to wear and performance etiquette, including when and how to bow. 

On your Performance Day

Arrive at Huntingtower School's Music Centre 30 minutes before the session start time to register.

Please bring copies of your music on your performance day:

  • One for the Adjudicator with all bars numbered

  • One for the Accompanist if you are being accompanied (even if you have already sent a copy) , and

  • The original sheet music for you (unless you are playing from memory).

  • If you have purchased a Programme via STARDOM, please bring the invoice or ticket.

Go to the friendly Registrar at the Registration Desk. Announce your name, and hand over your Adjudicator's copy of the sheet music. 

Buy a programme.

Relax and wait for your session to start! 

If you have any questions, please contact YOUR REGISTRAR directly. 

MYMF Preparation

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