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Расписание Молодежного музыкального фестиваля в Монаше

Молодежный музыкальный фестиваль в Монаше предлагает возможности для выступлений в следующих дисциплинах.  

Загрузите наше полное расписание, нажав на изображение справа.  

Внеконкурсные дисциплины


Молодежный музыкальный фестиваль в Монаше предлагает полезные (неконкурентные) выступления в следующих дисциплинах:

Инструментальные и вокальные соло

Любой инструмент , включая голос! Мы предлагаем всем солистам (кроме фортепиано) бесплатную  профессиональный концертмейстер , или вы можете пригласить своего собственного.  


Non-Competitive Disciplines

VCE Music - Инструментальные и вокальные соло

Любой инструмент , включая голос! В этом разделе необходимо указать собственного концертмейстера.  


Эти разделы не предназначены для соревнований и предлагают идеальное введение в представление айстедвод без давления конкуренции. Участники получают ценный опыт выступления перед теплой и благодарной публикой. Все участники получают подробный отчет жюри, основанный на стандарте их произведения, чтобы помочь им в совершенствовании этих произведений для предстоящих музыкальных экзаменов. Каждую секцию судья завершает занимательным мини-мастер-классом .


Этот опыт очень помогает участникам подготовиться к будущим музыкальным фестивалям и айстедводам, а также к музыкальным экзаменам, школьным концертам и любым другим случаям, когда ваша музыка может быть распространена.

VCE Music Performance Recitals

VCE 01  VCE Music Recitals - Piano, Instrumental and Vocal Solos

This section is open to students currently doing VCE Music Performance only. At least one of the pieces played must be from the current VCE list of Prescribed Works. 

This section is non-competitive and offers the VCE student a valuable opportunity to gain performance experience and feedback from a qualified VCE examiner, to assist them in perfecting their music for VCE music exams. The Adjudicator gives every participant a detailed Adjudicator’s report and conducts a short master class at the end of the section to provide musical insights, feedback and practice techniques to help improve the VCE student's performance outcome.

Participants may choose more than one piece, provided that the total playing time does not exceed the time limit of 8 minutes.

Rhea John VCE 2021 3024x3024.jpg

Competitive Choral and Ensemble Disciplines



C01    Primary School Choirs - limit 50 voices

C02    Secondary School Chamber Choirs - limit 30 voices


Performers may appear in more than one group in a section, but there must not be more than a 40% overlap between groups.

Instrumental Ensembles  

This discipline welcomes orchestras, concert bands, jazz bands, percussion groups , chimes and bell ringers, string orchestras, brass bandswind ensembles and single instrument groups such as guitar ensembles, oboe choirs and recorder consorts.

We warmly welcome music groups of all kinds!

E01    Junior Large Ensembles 13 – 50 players
E02    Junior Small Ensembles 3 – 12 players
E03    Senior Large Ensembles 13 – 50 players
E04    Senior Chamber Music Groups 3 – 12 players

NOTE: Pre-recorded accompaniment is not accepted in any section. 

These sections are for acoustic ensembles. One or two instruments within a large group may be amplified, but this should be kept to a minimum and should not dominate the sound. For example, one might use an electric bass in a concert band, or include an electronic keyboard in an orchestra to cover missing instruments. Ensemble pianist MUST be within the age group specified for the section entered.

Music chosen for these sections may be two contrasting pieces

A stage sketch plan must be submitted to the Registrar at least 1 week before Ensembles Day.


Performers may take part in more than one ensemble, but Large Ensembles must not interchange more than 40% of players to another group competing in the same section.

Small Ensembles – a performer cannot participate in more than three ensembles using the same instrument in a given section.

Provided: Full drum kit with cymbals, bass drum and 2 timpani will be provided, so please refrain from bringing your own. Approximately 30 music stands will also be provided.

Not provided: keyboard percussion, traps, idiomatic instruments, sticks, mallets or beaters.

Competitive Solo Disciplines


Guzheng Solos

G01    Guzheng Solo - 12 years & under
G02    Guzheng Solo - 16 years & under

This is a new discipline for 2024. Entrants must provide a photocopy of their sheet music in cypher (Jianpu) notation for the adjudicator.

Guzheng Solos

Piano Solos

P01    Piano Solos – 8 years & under
P02    Piano Solos – 10 years & under 
P03    Piano Solos – 12 years & under
P04    Piano Solos – 14 years & under               
P05    Piano Solos – 12 to 14 years - Baroque or Classical 
P06    Piano Solos – 16 years & under              
P07    Piano Solos – 18 years & under 
P08    Piano Solos – 21 years & under

P09    Piano SolosAMEB  Preliminary to Grade 2 or equivalent
P10    Piano Solos – AMEB Grades 3 – 4 or equivalent
P11    Piano SolosAMEB Grades 5 – 6 or equivalent

Please note that the standard for the age limited sections is quite high, so if this is your first music

competition, we recommend that you enter one of the Mini Recital sections N01, N02 or N03, as well as P09, P10 or P11.

String Solos

S01    String Solos  –  8 years & under
S02    String Solos  –  10 years & under
S03    String Solos  –  12 years & under
S04    String Solos  –  14 years & under
S05    String Solos  –  16 years & under
S06    String Solos  –  18 years & under
S07    String Solos  –  21 years & under

Please note that the standard for the age limited sections is quite high, so if this is your first music

competition, we recommend that you also enter one of the Mini Recital sections N04,  N05 or N06.

Vocal Solos

V01    Junior Vocal Solos – 12 years & under
V02    Junior Vocal Solos – 14 years & under
V03    Vocal Solos – 15 to 18 years
V04    Senior Vocal Solos – Contemporary or Theatre Music – 18 to 25 years
V05    Senior Vocal Solos – Art Song Classical Solo – 15 to 25 years

If this is your first music competition, we recommend that you also enter one of the Mini Recital

sections N04,  N05 or N06.

Woodwind & Brass

B01    Brass Solo - 12 years & under
B02    Brass Solo - 14 years & under
B03    Brass Solo - 16 years & under
B04    Brass Solo - 18 years & under

W01    Woodwind Solo - 12 years & under
W02    Woodwind Solo - 14 years & under
W03    Woodwind Solo - 16 years & under
W04    Woodwind Solo - 18 years & under
W05    Woodwind Solo - 21 years & under

W06    Woodwind & Brass Solo - AMEB Grade Preliminary – 2 or equivalent
W07    Woodwind & Brass Solo - AMEB Grade 3 – 4 or equivalent

If this is your first music competition, we recommend that you also enter one of the Mini Recital

sections N04,  N05 or N06.

NOTE! Pre-recorded accompaniment is not accepted in any section. 

Violin Trio

The AMEB Grade or equivalent is the level at which the entrant is studying at time of competition. Entry is open to all music students learning AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity College, Suzuki, Yamaha or any other music education system.


Please verify with your music teacher that the grade or level of the piece to be performed is equivalent to the specified AMEB grade of the section to be entered to ensure fairness of competition. 

NOTE! The Adjudicator may choose disqualify you from a placing if they consider that the music you perform is not within the standard prescribed.

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