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Stage Sketch Plan

The stage sketch plan helps the MYMF stage crew to set out the stage to suit your ensemble or band quickly and efficiently.


Whether you have a large orchestra or a tiny trio, please send us your stage sketch plan.  


Please click the image on the right to download the MYMF sketch plan proforma, then fill out, scan and send to the Ensembles Registrar Dr Bill Miles (E:

Please note that your ensemble may choose whichever performance space is more appropriate for your ensemble size and type. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to discuss this with the Ensembles Registrar Dr Bill Miles (E:

Stage Sketch Plan 2024.png

Salvation Army Waverley Temple

The Salvation Army Waverley Temple has a drum kit and keyboard on stage for your ensembles to use. We respectfully ask that you please use them where they are. Please do not move any elements.


There will also be a grand piano as per the image below. Smaller groups can perform on the floor near the piano. Once the ensemble has performed, please exit via the steps leading to the audience. 

Entry to the main stage is via a backstage entrance located between the drum kit and the back wall.

Waverley Temple stage showing piano and
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