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  • I am trying to enter a section in STARDOM, but it shows [SOLD OUT]. Can I go on a wait list?
    If someone pulls out of a section you want to enter, STARDOM will automatically remove the [SOLD OUT] and re-open that section until it receives an entry. So please revisit STARDOM often. If the words [SOLD OUT] disappear, then the section has reopened. In that case, put your entry in immediately, as the section is unlikely to stay open for long! The Registrars do not hold a wait list.
  • Can you arrange for my child to perform later in the programme please?
    Almost all our entrants attend school or university and have extra curricular activities, and we understand that every person is extremely busy. Out of respect and fairness to all, we randomise the order of entrants in each programme and ask every entrant to be ready to perform in the order shown in the Programme. This is one of the Rules and Conditions of Entry into our Festival. We hope you understand!
  • We just found out that we have a school concert and will not be able to get to the Festival on time. Can my child perform last please?
    If you have a school concert or event after school, we respectfully ask that you provide us with a letter from the school on the school's letterhead to advise us of the school concert's start and estimated finish time, and we will see if it is possible for your child to perform before the evening session ends. Our Events Diary was posted on our website around March this year, well after most schools have posted their concert and school activity calendars, so we hope you haven't double-booked!
  • I think the Monash Youth music festival needs new and different competitions and sections. Would it be possible to change what it offers?
    You can greatly influence and help improve the Monash Youth Music Festival simply by joining our Committee and taking an active role. No experience or music ability are required, only a genuine vision to help foster music among our future musicians and a "can do" attitude. Contact us to join today and make a difference!
  • My selected music is longer than the time limit. Is this OK?
    No, because our Rules and Conditions of Entry are quite clear: Performance selections must be chosen so that the total playing time must not exceed the time limits prescribed. A bell or signal will indicate the expiration of the time and the point at which adjudication ceases. Entrants have 20 seconds to cease playing without penalty. Entrants exceeding the 20 second overtime limit and do not stop when requested will be disqualified. So your options are: Option 1: EDIT THE MUSIC to shorten it to the specified time limit by deleting repeats and removing certain bars so that the piece is still enjoyable. This approach is quite common and isn't a problem for the adjudicator. Make sure the edits are noted in the copy of the sheet music you hand to the Registrar. Option 2: SELECT ANOTHER PIECE to perform and don't forget to update STARDOM with the new title and composer. You have two months to find and practise a piece that you can perform within the time limit!
  • My selected music is very short – can I perform more than one piece of music?
    Yes, provided the total time you are performing is no greater than the time limit. You are allowed to perform more than one piece in MOST sections, except where “ONE piece only” is clearly stipulated in the Schedule (for example piano section P05, the Frances Friee Memorial Piano Award - ONE Baroque OR Classical piece). The stop watch is started at the sound of the first note of the first piece and continues uninterrupted until the completion of the second piece, so make sure that the total playing time of the pieces (including pauses) do not go over the time limit.
  • Can I download sheet music from the internet and use it in the Festival?
    Yes and no. You cannot copy sheet music including downloads from the internet without the permission of the copyright owners. The exception is sheet music in the public domain. The public domain may be considered the exact opposite to copyright. In the public domain, there are works that were never protected by copyright or are no longer protected, allowing people to use these works freely, without needing permission from the original owner and without acknowledging the original creator or copyright holder of the work. After a certain time copyrighted works become public property (75 years after publication), and should be able to be used by everyone. Read more about this on the University of Wolongong's website here: Most classical music falls in this category, but make sure that the arrangement is original, and therefore not covered by copyright by the publisher! Some websites offer a good library of public domain sheet music such as MUSOPEN: If you are in doubt about whether a particular site is appropriately licensed to distribute sheet music, contact APRA AMCOS.
  • How many copies of my sheet music do I need?
    You will need to bring the original published sheet music for yourself to read (unless you are performing from memory), PLUS a clean photocopy for the Adjudicator, with the bars numbered. If you are using an Accompanist, then please bring a copy of the accompaniment music for the Accompanist on performance day, even if you have sent him or her a copy, just in case. If you perform from memory, then you may give the original music book to the Adjudicator instead of the photocopy. You must ensure, however, that the music book is clearly labelled with your name, and you must collect the book from the Registrar's Desk at the conclusion of the section. If the book is valuable, then please keep it with you, and bring a photocopy for the Adjudicator to prevent the original from getting misplaced or accidentally picked up by someone else. The Festival Organisers cannot be held responsible for lost property.
  • What happens to the copy given to the Adjudicator? Can I have it back?
    Please do not ask for your photocopy back. If we gave it back to you, we would break Copyright Regulations, and our Festival strictly abides by these Regulations. All photocopies are taken away and destroyed by the Festival Committee at the conclusion of the section. (See General Rules and Conditions). So, please make things easier for us - DO NOT ask for your photocopy back! 😊
  • I would like to perform a piece from a photocopy because I don't have the original. Is this OK?
    Unfortunately, it is NOT OK! For copyright reasons you must perform from the original publication (or from memory). Photocopies are only permitted for use by the Adjudicator, and will be destroyed by the Eisteddfod Committee at the conclusion of the section. (See General Rules and Conditions of Entry #23). Strictly, if you perform any piece of music, you must own a legitimate and original copy of that music - in other words, you must have paid for it. The use of photocopiers and personal printing machines have made illegal use of music extremely easy, but it is still illegal. Please respect the music industry and the legal owners of the music you perform.
  • Do I really need to number the bars on my sheet music?
    Your Adjudicator listens carefully to your performance while following the sheet music. The detailed report written during your performance often refers to particular bars. It is extremely difficult for the Adjudicator to quote the correct bars if they are not numbered, and may miss other important aspects of your performance while trying to count and identify the bars he or she is writing about. So, please do a favour for yourself and your Adjudicator - number the bars clearly (preferably with red pen) at the beginning of each system on the Adjudicator's copy, and you will get a much more detailed report!
  • I teach music privately. Is it ok for me to photocopy sheet music for my students to use?
    According to Music Rights Australia, only if the copyright in the music and the typesetting has expired. You should ask the student to buy the sheet music or buy the sheet music for your student.
  • I bought a book of sheet music, can I photocopy it for other people?
    No, buying a book of sheet music does not give you the right to copy it without the copyright owners’ permission. More information can be found here:
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