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Our Sponsors and Supporters

The Monash Youth Music Festival relies heavily on the generosity of those who share our belief in the importance of investing in our future musicians and giving every child the opportunity to shine, no matter where they are on their musical journey.

We thank the following generous sponsors from the Pitch It 2023 Community Bank Pinewood and Pitch Partners

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The Community Bank Pinewood and its Pitch Partners, the Mulgrave Country Club (Major Pitch Partner), McDonalds and Garry & Warren Smith Dealerships are generous supporters of the 2024 Monash Youth Music Festival.

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Our Sponsors

Thinking of becoming a sponsor?

You too can be a sponsor of the Monash Youth Music Festival! Go to our Sponsorship Prospectus page, and browse the available sections.


Becoming a Sponsor benefits you and your business, widening your exposure to new prospective clients in the City of Monash and beyond. Find out what you receive in return for becoming a Sponsor in our Prospectus. You can be there as MC for the sections you sponsor to present your prizes to increase your exposure to your prospective customers. Or relax and leave it to us to promote you and your business!

Join Us in Making Music History!

The Monash Youth Music Festival is more than an event; it's an experience that leaves a lasting impact on the community, and paves the way for future music superstars.

Partner with us and feel the joy of being a part of this exciting journey!

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