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Changes Due to Epidemics or Pandemics 

1. In the event of a significant health crisis – an epidemic or pandemic – the Committee will develop a response COVID-19 Plan. This plan will outline how the Festival events will be run in order to help protect the health of everyone attending or working there during that time of health crisis.


2. The Committee will ensure that all the measures in their Plan follow the current directives from both the Victorian State and Federal governments that are relevant to this sector. 

3. As State and Federal government directives can change quickly and frequently during a public health crisis, it is highly likely that the Plan will also need to undergo rapid changes too. 

These changes are most likely to include: 

a. entry procedures on arrival at the venue 
b. restrictions or limitations to audience numbers; 
c. seating and physical distancing; 
d. hygiene practices; 
e. use of changing areas; 
f. what to do while warming up or waiting to go on to perform.

COVID-19 Information

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