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Aged Care - MYMF Partnerships - NOW OPEN!

Partner us and enjoy free mini concerts for your residents!

The Monash Youth Music Festival Organising Committee is pleased to invite retirement home and aged care facility managers in and around the City of Monash to partner us to give ongoing

performance opportunities for our pianists, accompanied soloists and small ensembles beyond the Monash Youth Music Festival to your residents. This Program was made possible by the generosity of Community Bank Pinewood and their Pitch Partners! 


Watch our three minute Pitch right here


Here's how it works:


  1. Register your interest by filling out the form belowInclude your preferred dates and times to host music concerts for your residents from September to March (please note that most of our musicians may be restricted to school holidays, after-school or after university hours!)

  2. We post your business name, address, and your Music Coordinator's preferred contact details on our website, along with your preferred dates and times

  3. After the Festival, we send an invitation to our outstanding musicians to contact you to book in a performance.

This Partnership allows you to host small concerts or recitals with solo performers or ensembles from our Monash Youth Music Festival at no cost to you.

⭐ What do you get out of this?

Free performances by talented young musicians for your residents.

⭐ What do we get out of this?

This Partnership enables us to further our commitment to helping the wider community by creating more opportunities for our young musicians to perform beyond the Monash Youth Music Festival, and for the benefit of the elderly community.

⭐ What do these talented young musicians get out of this?

In addition to lessons, practice, and attending the few eisteddfods and music festivals, young musicians need real opportunities to perform in front of live audiences to hone their skills for the future. Your facility and your residents provide these opportunities. 

Register your interest today!

Young Woman Playing Piano
Flute Lesson
Old and Young
String Quartet
Happy Grandparents
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