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How to enter

Please read the RULES AND CONDITIONS OF ENTRY carefully before you enter our Festival, because by entering, YOU AGREE to comply with ALL the Rules and Conditions throughout the Festival.

When entries are open: 

1. Go to ⭐Stardom

New to stardom blank.png

If you are registering for the first time, you must wait until you get an email confirmation!

2. select the Discipline(s) you want and select the sections you wish to enter. Pay by credit card. [See below for other options to pay.]

3. If you are using our Official Accompanist, please contact them at least 2 weeks prior to the Festival. Organise rehearsals with them as necessary (note: rehearsals are not covered by your entry fee.) More details here.

4. Await your Notice of Appearance for confirmation of date and time and any instructions. 


​5. Before the Festival, go back into Stardom and check your entry to ensure you have the correct Title and Composer of the piece you wish to play. You may change the Title and Composer at any time up to 

Payment by Credit Card

​We prefer credit card payment via STARDOM.  It is safe and secure, and you receive instant acknowledgement of your payment via email. Your invoice is also a record of all the Disciplines and sections you have entered.



Rule No. 15. No entry fee will be refunded unless a section is cancelled.

So please check your dates and choose your sections very carefully!

Payment by Direct Debit

​In STARDOM, select the Discipline(s) you want and select the sections you wish to enter.

Follow the prompts and until you get to the end and you can view your invoice. Save  your invoice and note the invoice number.

Direct Debit details:

Monash Youth Music Festival

Bendigo Bank BSB 633-000

Account No. 130 830 052


Please ensure you write your name and WME invoice number so we can identify the payment as being from you.


Then please send a screen capture of the payment to your Section Registrar so we can mark your entry as PAID.


Any queries? CONTACT US!


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