In response to the current COVID-19 situation, we regret to announce that the 2020 Monash Youth Music Festival has been deferred until 2021. Please check our website occasionally, or subscribe to our e-news to be among the first to recieve updates.


To all our entrants, volunteers and music teachers, please keep a safe distance, wear a mask, wash your hands and sanitise. There are some lovely music themed masks to buy on line, or you can sew your own from the many patterns on the internet and with help from tutorials on Youtube.

Our 2020 Monash Youth Music Festival would have been underway right now, had the virus not struck.

To mark this occasion, we encourage you to keep the music alive in your home and hold an afternoon of music for the family this August. Why not organise a mini concert, or even a mini music festival? For added creativity, you can make up some certificates, ribbons or trophies and award prizes to each other. 


With Zoom and other group video sharing apps, you can share your music activity with extended family and friends, especially with isolated grandparents and other relatives who would appreciate your music!

Organise your own Music Festival!

With no competitors in your age group, you are sure to win every section ðŸ˜„ Download a programme template, type in your favourite music items, print and fold, then invite your family members to come along to perform or listen. Maybe Mum or dad could add gravitas by adjudicating your performance. Or maybe not. The important thing is to have fun.

Select a programme template below, or create your own.

Try a new instrument! 

TwoSet Violin is a musical comedy duo comprising young Queensland violinists Brett Yang and Eddy Chen. Despite their obvious talents as violinists, they are clearly open to mastering other instruments, traditional and (a-hem) otherwise. They have 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Why not take a short break to click on the screen captures below to watch them? Note the focus and determination to achieve musical perfection, which must have taken considerable practice!

Pachelbel's Chicken

Ode to Chicken

Compose music and have fun using Google Doodles!

There are some brilliant interactive games among Google Doodles. A collection of the best music-themed ones are listed below.

Oskar Fischinger’s 117th Birthday

This Google Doodle aims to pay homage to the influential filmmaker and visual artist Oskar Fischinger, while allowing you to compose your own visual music. I hope it inspires you to seek out the magic of Fischinger for yourself! This interactive doodle is loads of fun for everyone.

Celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach

Google celebrated world renowned German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach with their first ever AI-powered Doodle! Made in partnership with the Google Magenta and Google PAIR teams, this Doodle is an interactive experience encouraging you to compose a two measure melody of your choice. 

Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven’s 245th Year

Oh, no! Beethoveen has just dropped his sheet music! Help Beethoven's unfortunate journey to the symphony hall by arranging his masterpieces in time for the big crescendo! 

Clara Rockmore’s 105th Birthday

Clara Rockmore made music from thin air. Trained from a young age as a violinist, Rockmore ultimately gave up the violin due to physical strain. This led her to discover the theremin, a gesture-controlled instrument named after its inventor, Léon Theremin. Have fun playing the theremin! Your playing commemorates Rockmore's 105th birthday. 

Robert Moog's 78th Birthday

In the mid-1960s, Dr. Robert Moog unleashed a new universe of sounds into musicdom with his invention of the electronic analog Moog Synthesizer. You’ll find an interactive, playable logo inspired by the instruments with which Moog brought musical performance into the electronic age. You can use your mouse or computer keyboard to control the mini-synthesizer’s keys and knobs to make nearly limitless sounds..

Bartolomeo Cristofori’s 360th Birthday

You may have never heard of Bartolomeo Cristofori, but you definitely know his invention. Cristofori was an Italian musical instrument maker credited with inventing the pianoforte, or: the piano.  In Italian, piano means soft, while forte means loud. Being able to change the volume was a major breakthrough. See if you can change the loudness of Bart's music!!

Les Paul's 96th Birthday

This doodle celebrated the birthday of musician and inventor Les Paul. Here is an interactive, playable logo inspired by the guitar developed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee that made the sound of rock and roll possible.

2019 Monash Youth Music Festival memories

If you have photos you would like to see on our website, please send them to us. 

We plan to be back next year. Please give us your feedback about previous years' Festivals on our survey. Click on the Surveymonkey logo to start.

Entrant Registrations will open APRIL 2021. 

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