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2023 Monash Youth Music Festival

Thank you to all who have entered this year's festival. We have received a record of over 800 entries this year!

If you haven't already ....

... go to our Checklist page and ensure you are well prepared. Please put your music title and composer into STARDOM NOW, and print off a copy for the Adjudicator.

Please read our Rules and Conditions of Entry. We respectfully ask that you comply with all our Rules. Please arrive on time and register before the start of the session, and perform in the order in the programme, or you may be disqualified.

Pick up your report!

Show respect to the Adjudicator and stay until the end to listen to the Adjudicator's comments about your performance Don't forget to collect your Adjudicator's Report at the end of the session. 

Audience tickets

Watch your children perform! Avoid the queuebuy your tickets from TRYBOOKING today!

Events Diary

Please check sections and sessions in the Events Diary below!

Please note that these dates are set, but exact times for each session are in your Notice of Appearance.


Please go to our handy checklist to make sure you have everything in order.


Please update your music title and composer in STARDOM. 


Make copies of your sheet music for the adjudicator and accompanist if you are using one.

William Schmidt in action 2.png

It is not compulsory, but our accompanists will help make your performance a wonderful experience!  Most soloists perform with an accompanist. Contact yours today!

If you are in the Mini Recitals

rehearsal sessions are available in the morning of the Mini Recital Day.

Where is the Festival?

The Festival takes place at Huntingtower School - enter via main gate on Waimarie Drive.

Only Choir and Ensemble sections are held at the Salvation Army Waverley Temple.

Click here to go to our Venue page to see our map.

DO NOT BE LATE! An entrant may be disqualified if not ready to perform when called. (See RULE 11).

Call your Registrar if you are having any issues.

Audience tickets

Come along to watch and support our young musicians!  Audience tickets go on sale in JULY

See below for details!

Tickets transp 1000x684.png

Adults (over 16 years) – $5.00
Performers (Entrants) – free
Children (under 16) – free




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音乐节日程手册包含了音乐节的日程安排和所有演出者的名单, 您可以在Stardom上购买,$5每册。



Festival Programme

Dreamstime 133467031 © Makidotvn.jpg

Our beautiful Festival Programme includes all sections and every performer.  Please buy a Programme. They are only $5 each. 

All proceeds go to the cost of venue hire, adjudicators and accompanists, and running our Festival.

Old and Young

Attention aged care providers - join our free Program!


Would you like free mini concerts

held in your facilities to delight your residents?  If so, join our free Partnership Program and we will provide these performance opportunities to our selected musicians beyond the Festival! 

To find out more, CLICK HERE!

Read the Rules!


If you enter our Festival, you must agree with all the Rules and Conditions of Entry!

All entrants must behave with kindness, courtesy, and respect for all other entrants at all times.


Entrants and audience members must remain still and quiet while others are performing.

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2023 Events Diary as of 30 July.jpg

To Parents and Teachers:

Join the Committee!

We invite you to come and join the Committee!

Give something back to your community - it's fun and very rewarding. No experience required. 


For expressions of interest, please CONTACT US.

WME Volunteer.jpg

Missed out on this year's Festival?

Get connected!

Subscribe to our free e-news today and be among the first to know when entries open. To subscribe to our e-news, please go to our e-NEWS tab and fill out the form.  

Our e-newsletter is free, colourful, and only comes out in April, May and June each year, to keep you fully informed prior to the June closing date.​ Apart from our Music Festival news, the MYMF e-Newsletter also contains useful advice to maximise your enjoyment and success. With only three issues per year, it won't bombard your in-box!

You may also receive occasional important announcements.

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Stardom 1


Entrant Registrations are via 🟉Stardom only and have now officially closed. 


Entries to this year's Monash Youth Music Festival are now closed across all sections.

Click on the STARDOM logo to see what other eisteddfods and music festivals are coming up.

To make sure you don't miss out next year, sign up to our e-News so you will get a reminder when our entries are open. If you don't already have an account in Stardom, register today so you can enter other eisteddfods and music festivals.


Please note that we have strict capacity limits in each section and once a section is closed, we cannot accept further entries. Your appearance on the programme will be randomised this year, so entering first does not mean that you will appear first on the programme, nor does it mean that if you entered just before close of entries that you will perform last.

Audience 1

Audience Tickets on sale July. Tickets via Trybooking only.

Family, friends and general public are warmly welcome to watch our "superstars of the future" perform at the Monash Youth Music Festival! Audience admission is by ticket only. Please note that these tickets are only for watching performances, not for entrant registrations!


Adults (16 years and over) – $5.00
Performers – free
Children (under 16) – free

MULTI-PASS TICKET (unlimited access to all events) – $20



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